At Pro-K, we have made it our goal to make optimal use of existing resources.

Part of this is the digitization of the measurement image from analog universal hardness testing machines.

A new optic with camera adapter, USB camera and LED lighting is installed. The digital camera image is evaluated using our Pro-Command hardness testing software.

Here, the measurement images and the order IDs can be saved together with the test results in the database and called up again at any time.


When upgrading, developers face the difficulty of using modern technology without losing the ease of use.

That’s why we installed a sensor kit in the universal hardness testing machine that automatically recognizes the start and end of a test. This means that the test procedure does not change significantly for the user and there is not a great deal of training required.

Together with the automatic evaluation, the entire test process is automated.


The retrofit can be made on all universal hardness testing machines such as Dia-Testor 2+3, Frank 38532, HPO 250, Emco and many more.