Hardness Testing Machines

Made in Germany



State of the art reinterpreted

Benefit from modern hardness testing machines with customer-oriented hardness testing software.

We support you with hardware and software for universal use of the established hardness test methods Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and Rockwell.


Hardness tester for micro and low load testing.

Modernste Technologien ermöglichen einen effizienten aber dennoch normgerechten Prüfablauf der Prüfverfahren Vickers, Brinell und Knoop:

State-of-the-art technologies enable an efficient test process for the Vickers, Brinell and Knoop test methods according to the standards:

  • Latest PLC technology
  • State-of-the-art USB 3.1 industry cameras
  • Stepper motor technology which is for example used in the medical sector


Brand new hardness testing software Pro-Command

The quality and performance of a modern hardness testing machine depends on its software.

Get more information about our new hardness testing software Pro-Command!

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