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Hardness Testing Software one Generation Ahead

Our goal is to digitize entire hardness testing laboratories by equipping them with hardness testing software and database; no matter what type: new or existing machine, fully automatic or single measurement, digital or analog.

We have achieved this goal with the new Pro-Command hardness testing software. The flexible license model and the use of additional licenses enable the cost-efficient connection of every hardness tester. Pro-Command can be put into operation with new and existing machines.

Speed Test
The Speed Test procedure is used to achieve quick results when testing several hardness profiles. In each profile, the first indentation and the indentations to the left and right of the tolerance limit are tested first. This results in a preliminary CHD, which is displayed directly.


Auto Programme
This special testing program assists in the quick setup of progress samples. It is not necessary to create and save a separate template for each tolerance. The test coordinates are determined based on the specifications in the standard. Just the minimum and maximum tolerance need to be specified. The user can adapt his test precisely to the sample without wasting time.


Datenbank Netzwerklösung
One database for all hardness testers. All test results are stored centrally in a database with a professional database service. Advantages:
  • Optimal overview of the test results of all hardness testing machines
  • Access to results via network PCs (read license)
  • Fast and optimized search function


Scan Editor
A sample image is used to clearly position test patterns, series or impressions. Depending on the application, the live image or a scan image can be used. During planning in the scan editor, the elements pattern, series and indentations can be freely configurated.


CHD, NHD, SHD and welding test. After testing, further indentations can be tested and added to the profile diagram.


Jominy Prüfung
Test run of Jominy profiles including average-value curve.
Loop Funktion
The loop function guides the user through the test program. The interface is clearly laid out as only the activities for the next step are displayed. Using the Enter key on the keyboard, the user confirms his entry and arrives at the next step of the test.


Simultaner Prüfablauf
Two or more hardness testers are installed in one client. After the test orders have been scheduled, all machines run simultaneously. Advantage: Huge time savings


Remote Access
Access to test results via network PCs with reading license without a direct connection to the testing machine. Test results can be viewed or exported in the home office or on business trips, e. g.


Prüfung Probenquerschnitt
The operator defines the sample start- and end-point in the live picture. The hardness testing software calculates the test points based on definable criteria. The test run starts immediately.


Manuelle Verlaufsprüfung
There are two options:
  • The operator uses a pattern template. The single test coordinates are approached and tested using analog or digital micrometers
  • The user defines the type of profile test, e.g. CHD, and tests the indentation one after the other. The software takes over the results and the coordinates of the digital measuring screws. For analog measuring screws, the coordinates must be entered manually.


Pro-Command supports the operating system Windows 10 and 11. PC specification: - Operating system Windows 10 or 11 64 bit - Microsoft Office Excel (for test report) - Processor with at least 4 cores - Min. 8GB RAM - 4-6 USB slots for the testing system The required number of USB slots depends on the machine equipment. A tested USB hub is optionally available. Recommendation: - SSD hard drive with at least 512 GB - 24" monitor, 16:9, 1980x1020 pixels





Profitieren Sie von modernen Härteprüfmaschinen mit kundenorientierter Härteprüfsoftware. Wir unterstützen Sie mit Hard- und Software für den universellen Einsatz der bewährten Härteprüfverfahren Vickers, Knoop, Brinell und Rockwell.



Mit Pro-K Prüftechnik holen Sie mehr aus Ihren Ressourcen und rüsten sich bestens für die Industrie 4.0. Wir entwickeln neue Härteprüfsoftware, modernisieren bestehende Systeme und liefern OEM-Softwarelösungen.

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