We look back on an exciting year 2023 with satisfaction and pride.

There was a lot going on: lots of nice people, exciting projects, joy, but also stress, frustration, seemingly insurmountable problems. This is precisely why we are endlessly grateful for the successful developments and achieved goals. Full of expectations we look forward to new and exciting challenges in 2024.

A small, incomplete summary of our activities in 2023:

Database Network Solution

One database for all hardness testers. All test results are stored centrally in a database with a professional database service.

Management Screen

Access to test results vie network PCs with reading license. No direct connection to the hardness tester necessary.

Implementation KB 30 S

Integration of the automatic hardness tester type KB 30 S in Pro-Command.

Test process with manual turret head

Implementation of testing machines with manual turrets in the testing process. The hardness testing software asks the user to turn the turret head at a given point.

Simultaneous Test Process

Two or more hardness testers are installed in one client. After the test orders have been scheduled, all machines run simultaneously.

Advantage: Huge time savings

Additional License

Cost efficient modernization of hardness testing software of multiple machines in one client.

Implementation M1

Integration of the semi-automatic hardness tester type M1 in Pro-Command.

Sample Section Testing

The operator defines the sample start- and end-point in the live picture. The hardness testing software calculates the test points based on definable criteria. The test run starts immediately.

Implementation VH 3100

Integration of the automatic hardness tester type VH3100 in Pro-Command.

Jominy Test

Test run of Jominy profiles including average-value curve.

Implementation HT2000 Jominy

Integration of the automatic Jominy hardness tester type HT2000 in Pro-Command.

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